I’m Kerri Moriarty and I’m living my best life when I have a fresh iced coffee and a huge to-do list. There is something so satisfying about crossing things off one by one, and when I can accomplish tasks more efficiently with systems and processes I’ve already created, I’m pretty much in heaven. (I know, I know, this is so glamorous it's almost too much to handle.)

Professionally, my expertise is in entrepreneurship, financial services, and technology. Personally, my expertise lies in being the most organized, efficient, trendy, and modern human I can be. Additionally, I am proficient in sarcasm which has served me well across the board.

I spent the last five years on the founding team of a financial technology startup in Boston. What started as an idea between four people grew to a company with nearly 50 employees and millions of dollars in funding. I had served in nearly every executive role at our company and had learned a lot growing and running a scalable business.

Over the same period I was also: managing strategic growth and development efforts for my husband’s real estate company; planning a wedding; being a bridesmaid; running a style blog; honeymooning; purchasing, renovating, and decorating a home; throwing baby showers; drafting a prenuptial agreement; moving in and out of 4 apartments; planning a three-week trip to Europe; and oh, you know - just living my life.

Personally and professionally, I was ready for my next career move. I decided to take everything I had learned from working at larger companies and apply that skill set to helping small businesses experience the same growth and success, particularly those in the creative, lifestyle space. I've learned that with a little bit of planning and organization, you can find the balance to achieve anything you set out to do.

My desire to help others do the same is what led me here -- and I would be honored to have the opportunity to work with you. Together, I’m actually pretty confident that we could take over the world.


A few things I’m proud of so far:

- Creating a company from an idea and serving in every leadership role it took to get things done until we could expand the team.

- From a starting team of four, helping to grow the startup to 45+ full-time employees.

- Ranking in the top 100 nationwide within my firm and qualifying for the Million Dollar Round Table association in my very first year as a financial advisor at age 23.

- Growing a waitlist of thousands and securing over 100 media placements for the fintech startup, before launch.

- Throwing the most epic wedding celebration (okay, fine, with some help from my husband).

- Purchasing a property at age 28 (in your FACE, student loans).

- Traveling to 10 countries (mostly because for one trip I managed to live out of a backpack for three weeks).

- Regularly being asked where I got something and being able to shout, “I GOT IT FOR A STEAL!”

- Buying a Louis Vuitton with my very first big girl paycheck.

- Repaying a $5,000 loan from a friend with a signing bonus from a new job after being dead broke (thank you).

- Finally having a “favorite” Pinot Noir.